2023.04.02 Sunday



Flyer Design: Megan Rose

Photo: Kari Takemoto 



アートグループ青涯『Sun and Crystal』

今夏8/14-27、Cvenues aurora studio space (エジンバラ・スコットランド)にて、上演します。


“Sun and Crystal”

 Art Group SEIGAI 



Hirono Yoshimura

Kazuko Shimazu



Playwright/Director: Kazuko Shimazu

Stage designer: Hiroshi Wakiya

Sound designer: KO.DO.NA

Costume Designer: Kijun Sakurai

Producer: Hirono Otake


Aug 14-27

@Cvenues aurora studio space 

Ticket : £8


Based on Japanese folktales, Noh, and butoh that reveal the human unconscious, poetry drama aiming for a universal contemporary myth that transcends time and borders.

“Sun and Crystal” is a story about an apocalypse of modern civilization.


This is not a production with a chronological narrative, or what could be defined as ‘characters’. 

This is a story about the memories of human extinction engraved in DNA.


Two shadows were dancing.

Memories of a woman killed in the field of flowers next to the battlefield. 

The crystal was recording every those single memories.

A woman who is taken away by shadows meets an old man in a place where time has stopped somewhere down the line.

The old man says, "There is a crystal cave somewhere in this world."

The woman embarks on a journey of memory in search of the crystal of that world.