2023.09.24 Sunday



アートグループ青涯『Sun and Crystal』

今夏8/14-27、Cvenues (エジンバラ・スコットランド)にて、上演します。



“Sun and Crystal”

 Art Group SEIGAI  



Kazuko Shimazu

Hirono Yoshimura



Playwright & Director: Kazuko Shimazu 

Stage design:  Hiroshi Wakiya

Costume design: Kijun Saqurai

Sound: KO.DO.NA

Technical engineer: Taiki Saito

Producer: Hirono Otake


Aug 14-27

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Based on Japanese folktales, Noh, and butoh that reveal the human unconscious, poetry drama aiming for a universal contemporary myth that transcends time and borders.

“Sun and Crystal” is a story about an apocalypse of modern civilization.


This is not a production with a chronological narrative, or what could be defined as ‘characters’. 

This is a story about the memories of human extinction engraved in DNA.


Two shadows were dancing.

Memories of a woman killed in the field of flowers next to the battlefield. 

The crystal was recording every those single memories.

A woman who is taken away by shadows meets an old man in a place where time has stopped somewhere down the line.

The old man says, "There is a crystal cave somewhere in this world."

The woman embarks on a journey of memory in search of the crystal of that world.


Staff profile

Hiroshi Wakiya  (Stage design)


Born in Manchuria Raised in Tokyo



Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School

(After graduating, studied under Setsu Asakura, a stage designer)



Woodcut exhibition at Kinokuniya Gallery

Since then, many solo exhibitions


Masterpiece: Heisei Choju Giga Folding Screen Painting

(Courtesy of Mt. Minobu Betsuin)


Lecturer, National University Corporation Kobe University

Kuwasawa Design Institute Lecturer






After working as a club DJ, improvisation performance, and contemporary music, he joined the theater company Karagumi :one of the most important theater companies in the history of Japanese theater.


After leaving the troupe, he began composing music for plays and performing as a solo trumpet player.

Has held and continues to hold independent projects at "Bullet's" in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo and "SuperDeluxe" in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Participated in a total of 5 omnibus recordings in Japan and abroad.

In 2011, he participated in "John Cage "Musicircus"" at Asahi Art Square (organized by Tomomi Adachi).

From 2013 to 2015, he was on a short tour in New York (4 stops) and Korea (3 stops).

In 2014, he was the first Japanese musician to perform at "Sakura Sound Festival" in Denmark, performing at 4 venues.

In 2015, he released "Riunione Dell'uccello" from the Copenhagen label "HIPSTER record".

In 2017, performed at "Cherry Music Festival" in Copenhagen and Aalborg, Denmark. First Japanese musician to perform in Aalborg; performed in two locations.

In 2023, performed in Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Publication in a local magazine. Live performance was televised on national TV.

He is also active in a wide range of activities including stage music, improvisation, dance performances, and musical compositions.





Kijun Saqurai (Dress maker)


Worked for an apparel manufacturer after graduating from a vocational school

At the age of 25, he started working as a freelance pattern ma