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Cycling Trip Edition



~An Eternal Passage Through Time~

Get on your bicycle and experience Tottori Prefecture's western area!

'Journey through the Day' beginning with a sea of clouds in the morning and ending with a star-filled night sky.
'Journey through the 4 Seasons' and the dramatic changes each season brings to the landscape.
'Journey through Time' to a faraway land of eternity, as foretold in numerous myths.
Encounter the mystical nature, mountain and sea delicacies,
hot springs, ancient history and local people of the region as you cycle through

~An Eternal Passage Through Time~

'Daisen Jikan' is a project that aims to promote the appeal of Tottori Prefecture's western area within the region and further afield.


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Daisen jikan PR videos

Discover the unique charms of cycling in western Tottori Prefecture
with the below videos:


Daisen Jikan Cycling 【Daisen Ver.】

Daisen Jikan Cycling 【Sea Ver.】
Daisen Jikan Cycling 【Mountain & Countryside Ver.】




Recommended Courses



Journey through sea breezes,ancient history,famous waters and hot springs

pdf map_yonago.pdf (0.76MB)


  • Distance37.5km
  • Elevation gain+403m
  • Descent386m
  • Maximum elevation112.0m
  • Average time3hours
  • Recommended seasonSpring,Summer



Journey down from the natural,magnificent Mt.Daisen
towards the shimmering blue Sea of Japan

pdf map_daisen.pdf (0.85MB)


  • Distance25.4km
  • Elevation gain+155m
  • Descent854m
  • Maximum elevation737.0m
  • Average time2hours
  • Recommended seasonSummer,Fall



Journey through shrines,countryside views
and Japan's largest flower park

pdf map_nanbu.pdf (0.77MB)


  • Distance29.6km
  • Elevation gain+259m
  • Descent418m
  • Maximum elevation204.0m
  • Average time3hours
  • Recommended seasonSpring,Summer



Journey to the foot of the magnificent Hoki-Fuji(Mt.Daisen)

and experience the famous waters and goods of the are

pdf map_hoki.pdf (0.77MB)


  • Distance24.2km
  • Elevation gain+356m
  • Descent774m
  • Maximum elevation728.0m
  • Average time2hours
  • Recommended seasonSpring,Summer



Journey through lucky shrines and nature

to experience literature and feel refreshed

pdf map_nichinan.pdf (0.78MB)


  • Distance36.5km
  • Elevation gain+582m
  • Descent583m
  • Maximum elevation481.0m
  • Average time3hours
  • Recommended seasonSpring, Fall to Winter



Journey and pray for good foutune against the backdrop

of the clear Hino River, Neu Inn town and Tatara

pdf map_hino.pdf (0.75MB)


  • Distance30.9km
  • Elevation gain+683m
  • Descent643m
  • Maximum elevation604.0m
  • Average time3hours
  • Recommended seasonFall



Journey throuth Oku-Daisen's spring waters

and the largest beech forest in western Japan to enjoy

a scenery beautiful in all 4 seasons

pdf map_kofu.pdf (0.78MB)


  • Distance19.7km
  • Elevation gain+93m
  • Descent896m
  • Maximum elevation925.0m
  • Average time2hours
  • Recommended seasonFall



Get to Know Daisen


---Seasonal highlights---




A Blanket of Tulips and Mt. Daisen

Several popular cherry blossom viewing spots and sprawling tulip fields set against the backdrop of Mt. Daisen and the Sea of Japan make this a refreshingly charming location during springtime. This season also marks the arrival of Japan's largest Sazae (turban shell) catching event.



Indescribably Gorgeous Summer Starry Skies

Summer is the season for festivals! Enjoy various events, striking firework displays and even opportunities to gaze up at the Milky Way. Whether it's mountain climbing, cycling or camping you're into, summertime is the season to enjoy Daisen's natural scenery to the fullest.





Mt. Daisen's Magnificent Fall Leaves

The red hues of the fall leaves are simply unmissable. Must be why the majestic surrounding landscape of Mt. Daisen's autumn season draws in crowds of visitors every year! This season is a must for foodies, too. Many varieties of wild vegetable plants are in season at this time of year and there are even gourmet events, including the Oku-Daisen Umaimon Festival.



Enjoy Daisen from the Slopes!

The Daisen area is are surrounded by a gorgeous natural landscape that is simply perfect for skiing and, more recently, snow shoe walking tours. Be sure to try the winter seafood on offer, including Matsuba Crab.




---Region Highlights---



Home of Kaike Onsen and the All-Japan Triathlon!
Host to cycling and triathlon events, this area is also well known as a 'Land of Beautiful Springs'.
Encounter spots rich in history, including the Kamiyodo Haiji Temple!

Daisen Town

Sightseeing at the base of the celebrated Mt. Daisen!
Packed with historical sites such as Daisen-ji Temple and Ogamiyama Shrine and a wealth of tourist and leisure activities, Daisen Town's fishing port also offers visitors a chance to try the delicacies from the sea, as well as the mountains.


Nanbu Town

Flavorsome fruits in a historic small town!
A town steeped in history, Nanbu was once prosperous as the Hoshoji and Tenmanjuku on the Izumo Kaido road. The cherry blossom trees that line the Hoshoji River are a must-see. Fruit production is flourishing, with Fuyu persimmons a local speciality.

Hoki Town

Let the majestic Hoki-Fuji (Mt. Daisen) engage all 5 senses!
Enjoy skiing in the winter, or highland resorts and golfing in spring, summer and fall in this 'celestial resort' area with its thriving tourism and lodging industry - home to the largest pension lodging village in western Japan!


Nichinan Town

Auspicious sights in Tottori Prefecture's southwesternmost town!
Home to the source of the Hino River and a large population of Giant Salamanders, a living National Treasure. Fukusakae Shrine and Sasafuku Shrine are also popular worship spots.

Hino Town

Deeply rooted culture in the tasteful streets of an inn town!

Once long-prosperous thanks to the Izumi Kaido Neushuku town and Tatara iron-making industry, today Hino is well-known for Kanemochi Shrine and its Oshidori (Mandarin duck) viewing spot.

Kofu Town

Home to the Oku-Daisen brand, a 'Village of Forests, Water and Fruit'!
Kofu is host to the 500-year old Ebi Jushichiya (17th night) summer festival and western Japan's largest blueberry farm. The Kitanizawa mountain stream was even the filming location for a natural spring water commercial!




---Model Courses---


On the western side of the prefecture, away from the sand dunes in the east, the Daisen area is a hotspot loaded with the sea, mountains, abundant ingredients and warm locals. Here are recommended model courses to make the most of your 'Daisen Jikan'!






Developed in collaboration with students from National University Corporation Tottori University to introduce recommended locations in the western Tottori Prefecture to overseas visitors.


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---#SpendingDaisenJikan in Winter ---




I want to feel rejuvenated
in the mountain of water!

Clean spring water and abundant nature abound makes this region the perfect place to return to your true self.
Next time instead of a massage, why not pay a visit to Mt. Daisen?




I want to taste
the best of the Sanin area!

Meat, seafood, wild plants, produce, dairy... The Daisen area is remarkably replete with natural ingredients.
Recharge the body and soul with simply delectable local cuisine!




I want to discover
my own personal treasure!

Even things you thought you had to buy, you can make by yourself.
Immerse yourself in "making things" for the weekend, just like in the old days of arts and crafts.



---#Spending DaisenJikan in Summer ---




A must-see for outdoor enthusiasts:
Tottori's Summer Charms The Daisen area offers an excellent balance of casual outdoor activities including camping in 'stylish' tents and cosy cafes and restaurants right in the mountains!