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AJPR's Philosophy and Purpose

Our mission is to value the "spirit of self-reliance and autonomy" that protects one's own health, and to widely disseminate the value of the Raptor rehabilitation program type and self-care to the world.

Health means being a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not simply not being sick or frail," as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), "a balanced state of physical, mental, and social health" is the original state of health.

In order to think about
"original health" by one's own power and acquire health by one's own power, build the best lifestyle suitable for oneself based on that health, and be able to lead a more fulfilling and happy life, our association will propose knowledge and practical methods that should serve as guidelines.

Disturbances in lifestyle habits
peculiar to modern people, lack of exercise and deterioration of posture caused by this. Various physical and mental problems that are deeply related to lifestyle habits, such as a decline in motor function and resistance to disease, which are caused by these problems, have come to be taken up as social problems. In addition, the excessive expectation of medical care and the sense of delegation, which is particularly common in Japanese society that "the body is something that others can cure," have combined to create a tendency to not be able to rely on one's own body. In order to throw a wrench into such social awareness, our mission was to propose the importance of "protecting one's own health" and its methods.

In addition, we will open the Raptor
Training Center as a new conditioning method to raise awareness of one's own health, and we will develop and disseminate a rehabilitation program-type Raptor training method that promotes the hypermanance function in training, and promote the sale of training equipment.

The aim is to maintain and improve health, prevent and improve various problems caused by lifestyle habits, and contribute to the realization of a society where many people can live healthier lives.

Keeping in mind the "spirit of self-reliance and autonomy" to protect one's own health, create new values of self-care.



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