The business of Immigration Lawyer(入国管理業務)


Katoh International Administrative scrivener Office 
             Eligibility(visa) support―for Aliens 
Marriage visa (visa status of Japanese spouse), Working visa (skills, humanities knowledge and international business  
, investment management, etc.) ,Permanent residence visa (permanent residence permit or permanent residency)
 change of status of residence,residence status of immigration such as updating the period of stay.       

If you think to apply, please use the visa support administrative scrivener for first free consultation. 


What is Administrative Scrivener doing for you?           
A1: We executes the application procedure of the residence status for an applicant in the Immigration Bureau.      
The waiting time from approximately three hours to around four hours is necessary by the person application of the update during a residence status period.   
The procedure is difficult with complicatedness, too. It is not necessary to go to the Immigration Bureau, and an administrative scrivener does all application procedures instead.  
In addition, it is necessary to go to the Immigration Bureau for the residence card receipt again when it is usual, but there cannot be the thing that this goes to  
 the Immigration Bureau by an unnecessary as a general rule.            
Therefore, you can do residence status application without doing complicated application preparations as a general rule       
in the Immigration Bureau without an appearance unnecessary, long waiting time.         
A2: administrative scrivener will support the creation and collection of application and  documents.       
You make an application, other attached documents for the application of the residence status of the Immigration Bureau      
, and it is necessary to submit it. As for these, the foreigner who is inexperienced in the application of the residence status may have a hard time.    
An administrative scrivener supports making, the collection of this presentation documents. In addition, making, the collection of other documents    
may be necessary for reason books by the case other than the Immigration Bureau predetermined document, and an administrative scrivener supports this.   
A3: An administrative scrivener does the application support of the second residence status in case of suppression, the non-grant.    
The non-grant of the residence status authorization certificate, the suppression of the residence status change      
, permanent residence including the suppression when apply again, it is necessary to examine the reason. In this case I understand a purpose of the Immigration Control Law  
enough and go to ask the direct Immigration Bureau reasons such as the suppression, and a close inspection of the second application examines it.   




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