Nice to meet you.Thank you for visiting the official website of "PUPU布布".


The work of "PUPU布布" is created by a collaboration between a daughter who loves amigurumi and a mother who loves flowers.The current brand name was born by combining the daughter's lace yarn amigurumi shop "PUPU" and the mother's cloth and flower work shop "布布".


“PUPU” means baby rabbit in Finnish and shellfish in Hawaiian.The small and cute treasures that I loved when I was a kid ... I named it because I wanted to deliver such a lovely amigurumi.


Also, my grandmother made clothes for her young grandchildren.My mother also started making clothes because the cute cloths collected by my grandmother were lovely.

"布布" has the idea of becoming a favorite of cute children.


In addition, roses and many other garden flowers my father grows add gorgeous color to our works of "PUPU布布". 





Based on the concept of "Small kawaii amigurumi art made in Japan to you all over the world!", we make high-quality works that make use of the delicate and elegant beauty of the main materials such as lace thread, cloth and flowers. I keep in mind. 


The main work, Amigurumi, is also an art that originated in Japan and is loved around the world as "Amigurumi".We want to bring the culture of “Kawaii” amigurumi, which is a universal language, to people all over the world regardless of nationality or age or gender.


The work is based on the motifs of animals such as rabbits, fairy tales, masterpieces that are loved all over the world.


Please enjoy the lovely world of "PUPU布布" woven by the collaboration of lace thread, cloth and flowers ♪


May the only little cute works in the world bring little happiness to your daily life ...



-Original character based on PUPU amigurumi-


In 2021, unique characters of PUPU were born❣


Please be by your side the characters of PUPU who are cute and have mysterious powers.


They will always watch over you and cheer you up.



 Artist profile 


 Amigurumi artist PUPU


 Born in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture,Japan. My grandmother and mother loved crafts, and I grew up in an environment where making things was a natural part of life.


When I was a student, I picked up a book at a convenience store and started making amigurumi (woven or crocheted dolls). Ever since, I have been fascinated by amigurumi and I have been making them on my own for more than 10 years.


In 2020, I established the handmade shop "PUPU 布布” to sell my original amigurumi along with my mother's flower and cloth works.


My amigurumi are made after animals such as rabbits, and on the motifs from classical fairy tales and famous paintings. I try to create original and orthodox amigurumi so that they can be loved for a long time.



ꕤ Career ꕤ 




29th International Peace Art Exhibition(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theatre, Tokyo, Japan)


 29th International Peace Art Exhibition(Carnegie Hall, New York, United States)







 Columbus Exhibition in SF(Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative, San Francisco, USA)


 Columbus Postcard Exhibition(Pop Hop Books & Print, Los Angeles, USA)

 ✎𓈒𓂂𓏸Columbus Exhibition Portfolio


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Japan Expo Paris(Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, Paris, France)

✎𓈒𓂂𓏸Exhibit record of JapanExpoParis