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In order to avoid congestion, there are days on which reservations from the website are necessary for entering this store.


Reservations for store entry are necessary on the dates in the yellow parts of the calendar below.


Reservations for store entry are not necessary on the dates in the white parts of the calendar. (The opening hours are 10:30am to 5:30pm)


Please read the text underneath the calendar below regarding how to make a reservation.







The following URL is the page at which reservations are made.


The points to note regarding reservations and the explanation of how to make a reservation are underneath the following address. Please be sure to read them.



■Reservation system URL■




【Requests regarding reservations】


・A maximum of five people can be reserved with one reservation. In the case that you input six people or more, cancel processing will be carried out automatically in the system.


・You may enter the store at the reserved date and time. Please also complete payment within the reserved time.


・There is no space for waiting in the area around the building. For that reason, in the case that you have reserved the 12:30pm to 1:30pm time slot for example, please come to the store shortly after 12:30pm.



【How to make a reservation】


1.Open https://airrsv.net/sukusen/calendar. You can make a reservation from either a smartphone or a computer.


2.Touch the date and time you want to reserve. 



3.Input the number of people included in the reservation and touch the Reservation button.



4.Please input your name and email address and telephone number and touch the Reservation confirmation button.



5.Please touch the Reservation finalization button.





【Store MAP】