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Visiting Japan? 


If you visit Mie prefecture, why don't you stop by Matsusaka city.   "Matsusaka" is well known as a name of "Matsusaka Beef" for the people who loves good food.

But not only beef, Matsusaka is also a town of history and merchant.  There are many successful merchants were born in Edo period and many of them are  still doing well in their business filed such as property, paper and clothes.

Matsusaka cotton Kimono was made in Edo period and captivated people in mainly Edo (present Tokyo).

We, Kirakuya rent Matsusaka cotton kimono to walk around the city.  Experience the culture by doing not only hearing or seeing is so much fun!

Magnificent point of our rental kimono is that you can wear by 3 min!!!

Wearing Kimono is usually takes about 20 minutes average.  This Kimono is specially tailored so that you can wear like western clothes.  It is easy and free from anxious of getting disheveled.

Please enjoy being in Japan and feel to it.




Fee           3,000JPY/female


Includes   Kimono 1 set

                Dressing fee

                Tabi (socks for kimono)  No need to return

                Zouri (shoes for kimono)

                Others such as bag, umbrella

Time        2 hours

Size         S ~ L


Please feel free to ask if you have any question thru inquiry page.

Please note that our inquiry page is availablle only in Japanese.

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